Leading Organizations

Identifies the most challenging organizational issues leaders face, and then—one by one—provides the hard facts, big ideas, and exceedingly practical “how to” steps to address those issues

What’s Your Data Strategy?

Describes a framework for building a robust data strategy that can be applied across industries and levels of data maturity, across both offensive and defensive purposes

Building Your Data and Analytics Strategy

Contains tips and insights that can help companies launch successful data analytics projects, improve data preparation and create an effective data governance framework

4 Ways to Build a Productive Sales Culture

Suggests that companies focus on four capabilities to improve or maximize their sales effectiveness: strategy and planning process, cost-to-serve and customer selection, sales capacity and allocation to effort, and performance reviews

A Better Way to Develop and Retain Top Talent

Recommends businesses to utilize a user-centric approach for employee development, wherein managers try to understand their team members’ needs similar to how they aim to gain a better understanding of customers need to create the most impactful products